Special Ops Speed Runs

When discussing Call of Duty video games, you ordinarily discuss the games’ campaign modes and online modes.  Recently, my younger brother and I put Call of Duty:  Blacks Ops on the back burner and decided to go back to Call of Duty:  Modern Wafare 2.

In playing Modern Warfare 2, we set out to defeat Infinity Ward’s (IW) best times in the Special Ops segment of the game while playing together with a split screen.  In some of the ops, we were able to shatter IW’s times; however, some of the ops have proven to be very difficult.  Our results are displayed below (these ops were played on a two-player split screen unless indicated otherwise).

The Pit
IW:  0:22.60
US:  0:27.65

Sniper Fi
IW:  1:55.50
US:  1:42.00

O Cristo Redentor
IW:  1:16.20
US:  1:04.90

IW:  0:43.65
US:  0:49.45

IW:  0:53.00
US:  1:07.15

IW:  0:35.45
US:  0:35.50

Body Count
IW:  1:16.20
US:  0:14.50 (no, this is not a typo)

Bomb Squad
IW:  1:14.20
US:  1:31.55

IW:  1:05.00
US:  1:06.15 (my brother accomplished this time solo; I had 1:08.20)

Big Brother
IW:  1:25.90
US:  2:26.85

IW:  1:45.60
US:  2:50.45

Breach & Clear
IW:  0:17.00
US:  0:16.20

Time Trial
IW:  1:07.00
US:  1:07.00

Homeland Security
IW:  7:31.20
US:  4:44.60

Snatch & Grab
IW:  1:22.40
US:  3:13.60

IW:  3:25.25
US:  6:39.35

IW:  1:40.40
US:  2:00.00

Acceptable Losses
IW:  0:48.15
US:  3:18.40

IW:  0:36.40
US:  2:58.90

Estate Takedown
IW:  2:59.60
US:  2:10.80

IW:  3:10.30
US:  4:57.55

High Explosive
IW:  2:47.70
US:  12:10.55

Armor Piercing
IW:  4:12.25
US:  3:51.65

We achieved the above times playing the game on the Xbox 360 console.  As you can see from the above times, it is highly unlikely that we will ever beat IW’s time in High Explosive.

Our time in Body Count is indeed legitimate and not a typo; we routinely finish Body Count in under 20 seconds.  Although we shattered IW’s time in Homeland Security, it is not a routine time for us.  In Homeland Security, you need a lot of luck in addition to a lot of skill in order to achieve the time we accomplished.

Many times, we will finish Homeland Security in seven minutes; when we are at our best and have no need to revive one another, we post our best times in Homeland Security.  You must be fast, skilled and lucky.

There are several times by IW that I find very difficult to believe.  For example, I find IW’s 1:22.40 in Snatch & Grab to be inconceivable.  Even if there were no enemies, I do not think it is possible to sprint to the end in that amount of time.  I also find IW’s 0:48.15 in Acceptable Losses to be highly questionable as well.

If you have defeated IW’s times or our times, feel free to comment and post your times here.  If possible, be sure to upload a video to Youtube so that we may see how you defeated our times (and IW’s times).  If you achieved these times legitimately without hacks on a video game console (such as Xbox 360 or PS3), then we would be interested in seeing how you accomplished such feats.

Christopher Wenrich is a senior fantasy baseball contributor for BaseballDigest.com and can be reached at philliesmuse@yahoo.com.  You can follow him on Twitter @DuggerSports.

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