ESPN An Insult To Journalism

ESPN recently wrote an article asking, “What if Michael Vick were white?”  They posed the question of whether or not Vick’s public image would have suffered as much if he were white or if he would have received jail time – or at least a lesser sentence – if he were white.

After being released from prison and returning to the NFL, Michael Vick turned in an MVP-caliber season in 2010 with the Philadelphia Eagles

In the article, ESPN used a photo portraying what they believe Vick would look like if he were white.  After the photo caused such a controversy, ESPN removed the image and switched back to Vick’s real image.

To the MORONS at ESPN:  no, Vick did not go to jail because he was black.  No, his public image was not tarnished because he was black.  Vick went to jail because he bankrolled illegal activities that led to the rapes, beatings and murders of innocent and helpless creatures.  Vick’s image suffered as a result of those illegal activities.

Look at Vick’s status in the NFL long before those activities ever happened:  he was an overrated NFL quarterback with shoddy accuracy, a cannon for an arm and quick feet.  His Atlanta Falcons jersey was one of the hottest sellers in the NFL despite being a mediocre QB back then.  I would say people were aware he was black back then, and they were just fine with him.

In fact, I would say many people are just fine with Vick today.  Many people today seem to have forgiven Vick too quickly and too easily (in my opinion).  Part of me wonders if this forgiveness is because he is a much-improved quarterback today.  Maybe he is forgiven by many because he may be a changed man, or because he is a much-improved quarterback, or perhaps it is a combination of the two.  Nevertheless, I hope Vick indeed did change his ways and his attitude.  If he is a changed man for the better, then I am proud of him for that change; however, the actions of his past will never cease do disgust me.

His offenses were too sickening to sweep under the rug and overlook.  Granted, there are people in this world who are racially biased against Vick.  That is true as long as racism exists on this planet; however, I am confident in saying that the general majority – if not an overwhelming majority – of Vick’s detractors are those who were sickened by his activities.  Trying to bait readers into a race war when race is not the major factor in a story is just absurd and extremely unprofessional! 

The fact that ESPN tried to bait readers into a mindless race war in Sharpton-esque fashion exposes them for the frauds they are.  ESPN is just like most of the mainstream media:  they are sensationalists who care little for substance and truth while worshipping controversy and attention.  They will insinuate anything they wish to so long as their headlines are attention-grabbers.

I have said for years that ESPN is a joke, and I stand by that belief.  Sure, they have some good employees on television and in print.  I enjoy some of their programming, as I enjoy “Baseball Tonight” and “Mike and Mike in the Morning” on television.  Despite the fine programming they do offer, collectively as a company, however, ESPN is just as bad as any supermarket tabloid.  Their recent actions and insinuations are insulting to journalism as a whole, and insulting to the human race as well.  Congratulations on setting new lows for yourselves, ESPN!  Your penchant for publishing garbage continues to be fascinating.

Christopher Wenrich is a senior fantasy baseball contributor for and can be reached at  You can follow him on Twitter @DuggerSports.

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