NHL 11: Former NHLers

Are you getting ready to start a franchise (Be A GM Mode) in NHL 11?  Do you miss Jaromir Jagr’s incredible puck-handling?  Do you miss the crisp passing of Alexander Radulov?  Do you miss the great shots of Alexei (Aleksey) Morozov and Patrick Thoresen?  Do you wish you had the blinding speed of Maxim Afinogenov or Konstantin Koltsov?  Do you want to bring old-timers like Sergei Fedorov, Robert Reichel, Jimmy Waite, Paul DiPietro and Dominik Hasek out of retirement?

Tired of Morozov breaking scoring records and winning titles from afar? Bring him back to the NHL - or whatever league you're playing in - in your NHL 11 franchise!

You can bring those players back to the NHL in NHL 11.  I browsed through the rosters of national teams and foreign leagues to find former NHLers/AHLers, former prospects and other notable players.  Although the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) is not featured in NHL 11, KHLers such as Jagr, Afinogenov, Morozov, Fedorov, and others are in this game (on their national teams).

After browsing through the rosters, I wrote down notable players I recognized (I’m sure I’ve missed a few, but I’ve spotted many more than I missed).  After writing on eight pages of paper, I scanned those pages so that you may have the list for your own use.  You may want to edit some of these players, as the ratings tend to be terribly low.  Players such as Markus Naslund and Peter Forsberg should not have their OVR in the low 70s; likewise, speedy skaters like Koltsov and Rico Fata should have their speed in the 90s, not the 70s.

Edit these players as you see fit.  I did not scan the rosters of the CHL, QMJHL or WHL.  These are strictly the players I found on foreign league teams or their country’s team.  I assume the NHL 11 roster is the same on all consoles; however, I am hereby serving notice to you that I reset the roster to pre-draft and did this on the Xbox 360 version of NHL 11 (I have no online updates).

Listed below are my eight scanned pages of players.  Feel free to print them out and perhaps circle or highlight (if you have a highlighting marker) which players you wish to play with in your franchise.  You might want to double-check just a few of them and make sure they’re not already available to the NHL in your franchise (prospects like Paajarvi-Svensson, for example).

Reminder:  if I listed a player on his national team (Peter Forsberg from Sweden), then I did not list him from his club team later (Peter Forsberg from Modo).  I do not list the same player twice.

NOTE:  Not all teams will allow you to drop their players to free agency or add their players to other teams right away.  Some teams are at the bare minimum and require you to add players to their team.  For example, I was unable to move Aleksey Morozov from team Russia to free agency at first.  However, I transferred Eric Boguniecki from free agency to team Russia.  Once Boguniecki was added to team Russia, I was able to remove Morozov from the Russian team and place him on free agency.

Here are the eight scanned pages of players I found.  I list the leagues I find them in, what their position is, and which team I pull them from.  Each additional page is a continuation of the previous page.  Enjoy, NHL 11 gamers!









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