Now At Dugger Sports: Video Games

Although Dugger Sports is primarily a sports and fantasy sports blog, it will now also include coverage of video games (both sports-themed and non-sports).  Many sports fans are also video game fans; therefore, it only made sense to include video games and appeal to the gamer audience as well.

Dugger Sports and its team of writers have different tastes in games; therefore, a multitude of genres will be covered.  For you sports gamers:  don’t be surprised to see previews/reviews and features on sliders/settings to help you get that sim experience you crave in your sports games.

First released in 1985, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) is still a favorite among gamers today.

Regardless of genre, you may find previews/reviews of games here.  You may also feel a sense of nostalgia as our writers discuss their favorite retro games and series of games.  You may also see Top Ten lists and whatnot in the future for past and present games.

Do not be surprised if you see reviews of older games on here.  Why review older games?  Simple:  to see if how we perceive such games has changed over a period of time.  Will some of the classics fail to stand the test of time?  Will underappreciated games in olden days receive more respect today?

Whether you’re a nostalgic gamer who enjoys discussions abot retro games, a sports gamer looking for the newest set of realistic sliders/settings or an RPG gamer looking for the latest fun adventure, our features on gaming should keep you informed and entertained.

Christopher Wenrich is a fantasy baseball contributor for  He can be reached at

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